Regulated Cannabis Bill?


Regulated Cannabis Bill?

On the 14th of October 2016 Mr Elio Di Rupo announced his and his party’s intention to develop capturea proposal for a Regulated Cannabis Market. It was announced at the 14eme Colloque du Chantier des Idees: “Cannabis”. Present at the event were a number of known members of the party and was excellently chaired by Mr Julien Uyttendaele.

Step forward?

The Hemplab Institute (HLI) is committed to participating in the debate for a Regulated Cannabis & Medical Cannabis market – drawing on our Quality Control experience of Hemp products. Our aim is to collaborate with politicians and policy-makers to promote guidelines and procedures which will allow the general growth and full legitimization of the industry.

The announcement by the Parti Socialiste to start working on such a proposal represents a major step forward in the legislative landscape of Belgium. It undoubtedly responds to popular demand – as there is a growing number of medical cannabis patients seeking to escape their status as ‘criminals’.

Points of Convergence

During a full day of presentations and debates, a number of different proposals and alternatives were voiced. Their point of convergence was that the current legislative environment is unsustainable by continuously criminalizing a measurable segment of the population. The HLI intervention consisted in highlighting the need for a recognized and transparent production lifecycle, quality management & traceability protocol in order to avoid abuses – as well as providing quantitative data of production, consumption and public health impact.