Hemplab Institute

Complete Analytical Services


The HEMPLAB Institute is a leading R&D contract-laboratory specialising in quality control and molecular analysis of cannabinoids and active compounds in industrial hemp, hemp-extracts, hemp foods and self-care products. Housed in the University of Antwerp Science Incubator, we use the latest and most accurate chromatographic technologies in various combinations to produce fast, accurate and reproducible results. We provide the full range of hemp testing services necessary for product validation, HACCP & international Marketing

Our services can be combined to provide full analytical assistance in your R&D and Product Development process, as well as Quality Control for labeling on finished items. Our consultants are available to discuss the best option and cooperation package for your needs, from single analysis to full hemp testing services. Pricing is determined as function of sample volume, project duration and data–management requirements.

  • Liquid & Gas Chromatography
  • Full Spectrum Profiling – Acids & Neutrals
  • Decarboxylation Protocol
  • External Standard Calibration & Internal RT Index
  • Terpenes & Essential OIls
  • Complex Botanical Matrices & Distilled EOs
  • Multi-Level Sample Preparation for Volatilisation
  • External Standards & Internal RTs Inde
  • Moisture Content Determination
  • Microbial Analysis (CFU)
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • EU-Regulated Pesticide Screening
  • Residual Solvent Analysis
  • Extraction Life-cycle Analysis & Optimisation
  • Business & Financial Planning: Hemp
  • Cannabinoid Product Innovation
  • Legislative Compliance

Analyses can be performed on any type of sample, from raw plant material to finished article. These include:

  • Raw Cannabis Sativa L.
  • Tinctures
  • Extracts
  • Edibles
  • Capsules
  • Oil-diluted products
  • Beauty Products